The Storyteller Series Vol V: Family Ties


Sat, Nov 24, 2018

05:00 pm – 08:00 pm

Price: 1,000


The Cube Cafe 16 Usuma Close Maitama Abuja


The art of storytelling is vital to many African civilizations as a form of entertainment and education, as information and knowledge were historically passed down through the generations orally. The tradition of the human archive, also known as a griot as the custodians of oral history is well known in West Africa. Story telling has therefore been a way in which lessons on community living, the history of a people and their various truths are passed down from one generation to another in societies that are less reliant on the written word. This common experience traditionally brought communities together in their shared knowledge.

We are seeking to link the rich history of African storytelling with modern audiences by connecting diverse human stories with an engaged and intimate audience.

The idea is to create the feeling of an intimate evening with friends and elders in which we feel comfortable sharing stories, laughing and learning.

We invite stories around the theme of family ties – stories on families by birth, families by choice – good and bad.