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Charging a FEE for your event?You are charged when an attendee pays for a ticket. Charges are calculated and deducted as indicated below:
4.0% for Local/Nigeria Cards AND 5.5% International Cards


BookingAnt Service Fee

For every ticket you sell using BookingAnt, we charge 4.0% of the ticket value.

Debit/Credit Card Processing Fee

When you collect money through BookingAnt's standard credit card processing, we charge 4.0% of the ticket value when using local (Nigerian) cards and 5.5% when using International Cards.

No matter how much you charge, we cap our service fee at ₦5,000.00 per ticket for event organizers.

All major credit cards accepted VISA, MASTERCARD, INTERSWITCH VERVE via the QUICKTELLER Platform. It offers the following advantages:

  • Fast, easy, no cost to set up
  • PCI compliant
  • Quickest and easiest experience for your attendees



It's your choice on how you pay the fees. You can have your attendees pay for all fees at checkout or integrate it into your ticket price. This is done when creating your event yeckets.

How You Get Paid

Funds are ransferred in three folds as follows:

  1. Seven (7) days to the Event, received funds are transferred to the Organizer.
  2. Three (3) days to the Event, further received funds are transferred.
  3. A day (24 hours) after the event closes, remaining funds are transferred to the Organizer.


We support the following Payment Processors / Card.
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Interswitch Verve
  • ETransact


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